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Deerborn Industries continues to lead the way in sportswear. Since its introduction to the worldwide market in the mid-1992, the Deerborn company name has established itself at the forefront of European, American athletics brands, worn by many top athletes. Deerborn has become the emblem of Running clubs, Gyms, Fitness Clubs, Yoga Clubs, Boxing Clubs,Cycling Clubs, Power lifting, Weight Lifting Clubs  school and university teams, counties and countries and we are proud to be associated with the Sialkot Chamber and the Pakistan Sportswear Masters Association, among many others.
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Our Target for 2017:The sportswear market has exploded in the past few years with countless new gym, active wear, yoga, workout, fitness, boxing, weightlifting, bodybuilding and nutritious brands…. Not to mention that just about every fashion, sport and apparel retailer has added or expanded its clothing or wear lineup. The DEERBORN industry is soaring long time in compression wear, gym wear, fitness wear, active wear, boxing wear, bodybuilding, weightlifting and sports and health clubs are competing with relative new comer brands like clubs nutritious, fashion, apparel and sportswear.DEERBORN Industries have identified our 2017 targets which customers are the most lucrative and going after them.1-Teens are increasing buying gear and wear from DEERBORN INDUSTRIES direct or indirect ( Direct they are starting own brand and sell products to school, collage, university and job colleague and now they are happy and place more order). (Indirect once our esteemed customers sell the own brand but these products are manufacture by DEERBORN. We are very happy and more focus when our esteemed customers give a more order and show his/her customers positive feedback with remarks). 2017 is 32% target to cover the teens.2-Women in their 20s to 30s are large driving the athleisure trend in which customers buy leggings with the intent of wearing them to the gym, errands and brunch. So we have introduces 2017 new legging designs for women with new tank top, t-shirt etc.3-DEERBORN last few year to 2016 sales or customers trend has said that its plans to go after more new serious athletes, brands, clubs, online shops, retailer and large and small customers.4- Last year 2016 our in-house production capacity per day 200 pieces and some time use out source to complete the urgent order now 2017 we have managed per day 250 pieces production increase and all products manufacturer in house.
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