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Compression Wear - Men Tights
Product Name:  Compression Tight
Ref No:  DBC-1384

DEERBORN Designs Compression Tight - Reduces fatigue and increases comfort during fitness activity. The Bottom is made from high a spandex content knitted with a Polyester/Nylon yarn. The result is that the garment feels like a second skin. This compression tight reduces fatigue by compressing your muscles with light mechanical compression. This extra pressure enhances blood flow to the working muscles. The fabric is very stretchy to give you freedom of movement. The light compressive supports your muscles during workouts, which increases the blood flow that delivers oxygen to hard working muscles. The compression also helps in recovery after workouts to help reduce the buildup of lactic acid and muscle fatigue. The light compression also helps to reduce movement and vibration which ultimately leads to longer lasting workouts. Compression garments are proven performance enhancers.

Compression fabric is soft and smooth 80% Nylon/Polyester, 20% Spandex

Four thread flat locked seams stretch to provide support for muscles during exercise.

Seams are smooth and stretchy to support muscles and create compression

Best worn tight to the skin.  When stretched on, it performs best

GSM 180-250

Labels in the Back

This item is imported

Hems are flat and soft with a two needle cover stitch

All size available XS-XXL

Different colors available

OEM service available
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