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Compression Wear - Men Shirts
Product Name:  Compression Shirt Short Sleeve
Ref No:  DBC-1376


** Muscle Containment **

- Reduced muscle vibration (which is linked to muscle fatigue) thereby improving muscle endurance and strength
- Improved muscle position and quicker muscle response.

- Heightened proprioception (body position sense) for enhanced stability and agility.

- Muscle wrapping for less soft tissue damage and faster recovery.

** Cardiovascular **

- Faster flushing of blood lactates, contributing to reduced soreness, improved recovery and performance.

- Enhanced blood flow for faster muscle warm-up and improved oxygen circulation.



** Moisture Management Power Compression **

- High power Nylon Lycra Yarn with high gauge knit for superior compression.

- Revolutionary new circular knit construction gives optimal 2-way stretch.

- Mid weight 220gsm fabric for extra support.

- Embedded anti-microbial application
80% polyamide / 20% elastanc
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